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Triz Future Conference 2010 - Aim sant'agostiono


It is our pleasure to invite you at the 10th ETRIA World TRIZ Future Conference that will be held in Bergamo, Italy, November 3rd-5th, 2010.

The Conference is organized by the University of Bergamo, ETRIA – European TRIZ, and is sponsored by CIRP, the international Academy for Production Engineering, and Apeiron - Association for Reason-Based Innovation.

The 10th ETRIA World TRIZ Future Conference will be focused on the process of systematic innovation, TRIZ best practices, related research activities, and applications in industry and education. A broad spectrum of subjects in various fields will be presented and debated with experts, practitioners and newcomers to TRIZ.

TRIZ, the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving" is a living science and a practical methodology. In the last decades of years, research has proceeded in several stages. Millions of patents have been examined and analyzed to look for principles of innovation - to study the patterns of excellence. The lessons learned from this analysis seem to work in practice.  In fact, we are assisting to a growing interest on TRIZ especially within the industrial context.  Large and small companies worldwide are using TRIZ at many levels to solve problems and to develop strategies for future technologies and products.  TRIZ is mostly applied on technical problems, but expands nowadays also in other areas like business or science.

In such a context, the Conference aims at linking industrial companies, research centres, educational organizations and individuals to share the experience on systematic innovation and promote TRIZ diffusion worldwide. It will provide an international forum for exchanging new ideas and recent achievements by the TRIZ community and enabling further advances and collaboration also with the industrial community.

Papers are invited from industry, universities and research centers. Conference papers can cover theoretical and experimental TRIZ research, educational aspects, tools and techniques, as well as industrial experience. Both technology and non-technology related papers are welcome.

The conference foresees two types of contributions: scientific and practitioner. Scientific contributions deal with theoretic research on TRIZ theory and the development thereof. Practitioners contributions typically deal with applied TRIZ experiences and developments in academics, industry and education.

The conference plans academic, practitioner, and industrial sessions.

The official language is English.

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